Tuesday, August 10, 2010

From the Not-Something-You-See-Everyday Department

We had just settled on a mark, which was a diminutive elderly downtown regular with 3-4 bags hanging off each arm, huge straw hat, rubber gloves, curved back, weathered face...Can't miss, right? Ah, but Darnell had already drawn her in his sketchbook, so she was DQ'd. What to do? Lunch almos' pau... But two seconds later a young lady with a giant Oscar Meyer Wienermobile plush toy walks by... No joke.
-T. Dan


  1. Hahaha, That is FANTASTIC! I love it when life throws things like this at you.

    Just out of curiosity where in the Hawaiian chain are you guys located, are you actually on Hawaii? I ask because I see this and my brain goes straight to "oh so I could take a vacation and there's a sketch club there hmmm." So tempting! :]

  2. Aloha Kendra...
    No we're really in Dubuque, Iowa... Jus' kidding... Yes, we are really in Hawaii. Downtown Honolulu, in fact. Every Friday 12-1 usually at Bishop Square at the corner of Bishop and King St, just a couple blocks away from Iolani Palace. Bring your sketchbook. "E komo mai!" ("you are welcome anytime"). Many of the crew of Hawaii Animation Studios and sometimes a student or two from local colleges carry on the Sketch Club traditions started by Marcelo and Silver way back when.


    Thanks for checking in! Love your sketches in the original Sketch Club! Awesome work!
    T. Dan